Business Setup

Alpha Captech's fund will be domiciled in Dublin in order to facilitate full EU investor protection, scalability and low cost. The fund will be denominated in USD in a so called Qualifying Investor AIF (Alternative Investment Fund). The fund will apply the highest investor safeguards with external and independent fund management company, fund administrator and custodian & depositary service provider. Alpha Captech will also be domiciled in Ireland and be authorized by the Central Bank of Ireland as a company with Investment Manager status in charge of distribution and fund investment only. The fund and all of its financial service providers are also authorized and supervised by the Central Bank of Ireland. The applied legal structure will be ICAV (Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicle).

At startup Alpha Captech expects to apply and obtain a marketing permit for its fund in Denmark, UK and Ireland. Other countries can and will be added whenever possible from a distribution point of view.


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