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The investment system that Alpha Captech uses is based on a rigorous scientific approach. All investment decisions rely solely on data driven algorithms that have been validated through extensive and state-of-the-art back-testing. It is also a long-only system with no derivatives or any use of debt leverage. More specifically, the developed system invests in exchange traded stocks in 37 developed and emerging markets across all industries. The system exploits well known financial market anomalies that are used in combination with other selection criteria to systematically create portfolios with higher returns and lower risks than the global stock market.

Investment in stock market anomalies is an enduring business opportunity. It profits from the never ending mispricing in stock markets such as those caused by less informed and/or less rational investorsí overreactions to good or bad market information. Mathiesenís investment system is a comprehensive enhancement and extension of several publicly known and independently proven anomaly strategies combined with multiple ideas of his own making.

As investor you benefit from this proprietary system that significantly outperforms other long-only stock market investments.

Portfolio replicating 1 to 1 back-tests prove the system has a much higher average annual return than MSCIís world index. At the same time, the portfolio risk of the developed system is less than this benchmark. This can be seen by its higher probability of earning higher returns than this benchmark as measured for any length of time horizon. It can also be seen from its higher probability of earning positive returns than this benchmark for any given time.

To be sure, the developed investment system should not be expected to outperform the global stock market return every year. This is mainly because its investment strategy is unique and therefore subject to cycle effects that may differ importantly from the investment return cycles in the global stock market.

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To learn more about Alpha Captech's investment system please e-mail H. Mathiesen at hm@alphacaptech.com.


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