Alpha Captech is in charge of investment management and fund distribution only. Everything else from fund administration to legal compliance is outsourced to external and independent financial service providers that all are authorized and supervised by the Central Bank of Ireland (see setup). Hence, at startup Alpha Captech can be operated by only one full-time employee. In particular, Mathiesen will work alone with portfolio management applying the developed system. He will work with portfolio trading in close cooperation with a global broker bank. Moreover, he will work on distribution using a network of external distributers for Alpha Captech who can help him find and arrange meetings with potential investors. Mathiesen will also be assisted by Alpha Captech's business angles who provide advise and governance on general business matters.

This startup team is the smallest possible that will allow Alpha Captech to be profitable in spite of beginning with a small startup fund. The plan is to get more full-time employees as fast as possible given Alpha Captech's financial resources. Most of Alpha Captech's employees will work with R&D and distribution as asset management and trading will require very few people regardless of how large the fund will become.

Note: Alpha Captech is looking for external people who can play a role with regard to distribution among very high net worth individuals and family offices in mainly Denmark and UK. To learn more about Alpha Captech's product and our distribution efforts please e-mail H. Mathiesen at hm@alphacaptech.com.


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